Customer recommendation Krauss Maffei

Customer recommendation Krauss Maffei

“In the summer of 2008, Krauss Maffei had around 900,000 parts logs in SAP and every month 4,000 new ones were added. We had calculated 3.5 man-years for the classification of the repeat parts alone. Together with CADBAS we developed a concept and modeled the processes for our management of part proliferation.

A comprehensive mix of methods is used for the implementation: catalogs of generic name, 3D cluster and duplicate analysis, standardized attributes according to DIN 4002, integrated standard and catalog part libraries and much more. And all of that in connection with a comprehensive set of rules, which automates the assignment of parts to classes and the evaluation of attributes within PartExplorer.

I can only recommend every company that wants to introduce a part management system to develop their concepts together with CADBAS right from the start.

PartExplorer® and Partscape®Navigator can be used company-wide by all persons who need part information. The solution is embedded in our SAP, Pro/Intralink and Pro/Engineer environment.

With Partscape®Navigator, the constructing engineer is now able to find and compare similar 3D models and immediately recognize the differences that are marked in terms of color. Found construction parts can be installed directly in PRO-E by mouse click.

A synchronization of the part master data takes place continuously between SAP and PartExplorer®. The solution has been very well accepted by our users and is being continuously expanded.”

Johannes Ziermann
Head of standardization management
Krauss Maffei Technologies