Why part management?

Why part management?

How do you recognize your potential to reduce, avoid and master proliferation of parts?

As you know: Your company is under cost pressure to maintain competitiveness. In order to be competitive in the long term, you need to tailor your products to individual customer requirements, configure them individually, even redevelop them if necessary, and then produce them at the cost of a series manufacturer. The resulting proliferation of parts and variants as well as process complexity along the value-added chain are enormous.  If you lose the overview of your part world and existing solutions in such an environment due to poor data quality, not only disorientation threatens but also the loss of your competitive ability.

Part management is an essential key factor that contributes to your long-term competitive ability.  Part management is a strategic project and affects many departments of your company.  Part management is something you have to live, it is unfortunately no tool and software you can simply buy.

Take the right measures and secure the decisive competitive advantage as well as sustainable lower costs. Master complexity as well as proliferation of parts and variants with routine and reduce or avoid them wherever possible.

CADBAS is always at your side giving advice and assistance, so that you achieve the following objectives within the set time and cost framework.  Feel free to ask our references.


Avoiding unnecessary part proliferation and variance

No longer put a strain on your company with redundant work in construction, purchasing, work preparation and production.

Reducing useless part proliferation and variance

No longer put a strain on your company with useless complexity in sales, purchasing, manufacturing and service; increase efficiency and set the stage for reducing manufacturing costs and purchase prices.

Mastering part proliferation and variance

Increase the efficiency in construction, purchasing, work preparation and production in order to master the proliferation of parts and variants specified by the customer.

Reduce purchase prices and manufacturing costs

Detect prices of your suppliers that are too high and accordingly set the target prices. Additionally benefit from volume effects, lower manufacturing complexity and product development optimized for production.

Improve data quality and secure it in a sustainable way

The higher the data quality of the part information, the higher the potential benefits you can achieve with your part management measures.

Gain time

Have fun in searching. Make search a joyful experience. You can anticipate up to 20 minutes of saved search time per day and per user. This speeds up your work in several departments.

Potential benefits in industrial sectors

For us, it makes no difference if your product drives, swims, flies or makes mechanical noises.  With CADBAS you can unlock potential benefits in the field of part and complexity management you would have never expected; irrespective of your industrial sector or your business model.

Potential benefits in departments

The potentials in the various departments of your company are considerable.  The key, however, is not the optimization of individual departments, which at best produces suboptimal results, but the achievement of the maximum overall benefit across departmental boundaries.