3D search and part maps

3D search and part maps

Part maps and 3D search offer you an ideal platform to raise potential benefits in terms of avoiding, reducing and mastering proliferation of parts and variants at short notice and without much effort. No classification has to be set up beforehand and no manual work has to be done in advance. You will achieve incredible project success on the sole basis of your 3D models and the raw, synchronized meta data from your ERP or PDM systems.

Based on our experience, part maps are the only reliable method to find your existing parts quickly, especially if there is no sufficient classification of your partscape in place or a classification is too complex due to high part variance and too many attributes.

You will get a unique overview of your part landscape – we call it Partscape®. This enables you to orientate yourself unerringly. This enables you to localize the need for consolidation and standardization and to check new developments for duplicates and similar parts. Of course you will receive a complete duplicate analysis of your entire partscape.  And of course every new part added to the search data base is checked for duplicates.

The visualization principle of the part maps invented by CADBAS is very simple in principle: Imagine you would spread out all your parts (components, assemblies and products) on a large lawn and arrange them that way that similar parts are close to each other while different parts are far away from each other. In this way similar parts “pile up” surrounded by areas of “solitaire”, unique parts. The 3D search technology used for this was developed by CADBAS and is based on the latest research results and more than 10 years of project experience in this field

Benefit of 3D search and part maps:

  • No classification effort
  • Find similar parts already during design phase
  • Immediate avoidance of unnecessary part proliferation and variance
  • Increase the re-use of parts
  • Reduce useless part proliferation and variance
  • Mastering necessary part proliferation and variance
  • Gain time (reduce search time)
  • Targeted standardization and consolidation

Measures to achieve 3D search and part maps:

  • PartscapeNavigator