Part Management Strategy

Part Management Strategy

With the part management strategy you will always be able to keep an eye on the total optimum for your company. Because the most important results of the part management strategy are:

  • Clear target definition and detailed analysis of potential benefits
  • Indicators as evidence of objectives pursued
  • Conclusive and customized action plan to achieve goals with minimum effort
  • Create conviction, trust and maximum support from management and employees for your part management project
  • Reliable and resource aligned project plan for a step-by-step implementation of your part management project

Benefit of a part management strategy:

  • Intensive examination of your company-specific needs and targets
  • Measureable targets, optimum resource management and a reliable and realistic project plan
  • Maximum support of management and employees during implementation

Measures to achieve a part management strategy:

  • Strategy workshops
  • Development of options for action and use cases
  • Development of targets, target figures, target values and target achievements rates
  • Cost-benefit analysis for selecting the optimum strategy option