Reduce purchase prices and manufacturing costs

Reduce purchase prices and manufacturing costs

Can you judge whether your suppliers offer you parts and assemblies at fair prices? With consequent part and variant management, you can detect unfair and exorbitant prices of your suppliers. And you have powerful arguments for your price negotiations. So you can even specify the prices you are willing to accept.  The streets are paved with money. You only need to pick it up.

Also for the reduction of manufacturing costs there are different approaches. These approaches run the gamut from automatic estimation of manufacturing costs for new parts as well as simulation of different manufacturing processes during product development to combination of production lots for semi-finished products etc. for optimizing production.

Benefit of reducing purchase prices and manufacturing costs:

  • Lower purchase prices
  • Cost-optimized production management and control
  • Improving the prediction accuracy of target prices and manufacturing costs
  • Automating the calculation of target prices and simulation of manufacturing costs
  • Shifting the prediction time of target prices and manfuacturing costs to product development

Measures to achieve reduction of purchase prices and manufacturing costs:

  • Integrated creation and classification processes
  • Cleanse data and classify automatically
  • 3D search and part maps
  • Calculate target prices and target manufacturing costs
  • PartExplorer
  • PartscapeNavigator
  • NLPP