Challenge of part management – Comprehend: Part management strategy

Challenge of part management – Comprehend: Part management strategy

Target group:

  • Decision makers
  • Members of steering board
  • Members of process team


  • Causes and effects of high and increasing part proliferaion and variance
  • Potential benefits of part and variant management
  • General approaches and best practices
  • Method to develop a part management strategy


You have already tried to get the proliferation of parts and variants under control in your company for a long time, but you have achieved only little results?

In this webinar you will learn how to develop a step-by-step-strategy for your part and variant management tailored to your company in just two weeks. This guarantees that you reach your company goals. We take you on a one-hour journey through many years of successful project experience in part and variant management. We will show you typical perils, obstacles and pitfalls and how to skip them skillfully. Follow the motto “First the strategy – then the tool” and lay the foundation for the success of your project with the know-how acquired during this webinar.


Next webinar date:

Thursday, August 15, 2024, 02:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. CEST (Webinar English)


  • …why you will not reach your set goals with the simple introduction of a tool without an agreed strategy and change of organization and processes.
  • …how to successfully involve engineering, purchasing, production, logistics and service into strategy development and resolve their sometimes conflicting opinions and objectives.
  • …how you can trace visible and often discussed symptoms of increasing part proliferation back to their causes.
  • …how to combine the cause eliminating measures into a consistent and promising strategy.
  • …how to reliably estimate the costs and benefits of your strategy.
  • …how to recognize the sequential measures in order to implement your strategy step by step.
  • …how to plan and document the workflows for implementing your strategy and derive the requirement specification for the tool implementation.

Further topics covered by the webinar:

  • Take the myth “Standardization and re-use impede innovational spirit.” ad absurdum.
  • Presentation of best practices from completed part management projects.
  • Summary of theoretical/technical background of the CADBAS solution portfolio.
  • Overview of the “State of the (P)Art” of part management.  The focus is on general alternatives for the design of workflows and the use of automatisms for classification and data cleansing.
  • Final discussion / Questions & Answers e.g. “What are the most suitable measures for my company and how can I estimate required time, capacities and budgets?”.