Challenge of part management – Re-use: Search and find

Challenge of part management – Re-use: Search and find

Target group:

  • „Part searcher“ (constructing engineers, purchasers, work planner, production controller, service, sales)


  • Fields of application and limitations of 3D search and classification.
  • Explanation of part maps.
  • Find parts unerringly, also in unadjusted stocks of data with PartscapeNavigator.
  • Unbeatable: Find parts by classification in PartExplorer.


Does it sound familiar to you? Searching for re-usable parts takes ages and usually you do not find a suitable match. Or you have perhaps already searched for parts too often and in vain, so that you no longer search out of frustration? The human factor plays a decisive role in part management: If there is no acceptance of the search system due to poor search results, search is often no longer carried out.

Experience the latest and most-efficient search methods adapted to different requirements in practice and they will give a new joyful feeling of search and find. There is not THE general search method or THE perfect search procedure, but there is always a need for a solution that is suitable for the available database or for a requirement profile.


Next webinar date:

Thursday, April 18, 2024, 02:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. CEST (Webinar English)


  • …what acceptance and functional advantages special search system such as PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator have compared to the large administration system (ERP and PDM).
  • …which search methods offer the maximum benefit for a certain use case and a certain partscape.
  • …why 3D search/geometric similarity search and classification complement each other but do not replace each other.
  • …if the 3D search/geometric similarity search can be a first step towards guaranteed finding of parts.
  • …how fast you can make the 3D search/geometric similarity search useful without prior data quality improvements.
  • …how to navigate GPS-like through your partscape with the part maps of PartscapeNavigator.
  • …in which points a classification is always clearly outclassing all other search methods and which role an intuitive search system is playing in this process.

Further topics covered by the webinar:

  • Take the myth: “A search tool can fix all problems of part management” ad absurdum.
  • Introduction of best practices from completed part management projects.
  • Software architecture and technical requirements for using PartscapeNavigator and PartExplorer.
  • General configuration options for special requirements.
  • Final discussion / Questions & Answers e.g. “What are the most suitable measures for my company and how can I estimate required time, capacities and budget?“