Integrated duplicate analysis and approval processes

Integrated duplicate analysis and approval processes

Unnecessary and undesirable parts can be avoided most effectively if they are detected long before their release, preferably during creation or running construction. PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator detect unnecessary parts for you by means of duplicate analysis while undesirable parts are prevented by means of approval processes. PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator offer an automatic duplicate analysis as well as an approval workflow by default, which you can integrate into your data recording and cleansing processes as required.

Depending on available data, duplicates are reliably determined

a) by comparing any meta data (master data, classificatins, etc.);

b) by the 3D geometry or;

c) both in combination.

If a duplicate is determined, the creator is requested to justify it.

As soon as parts worthy of approval are determined, the approval workflow automatically and unerringly informs your respnsible persons and teams. The triggering events are of course configured according to your processes and your partscape. If the approval is rejected, the subsequent accumulation of data and release process can be prevented.

Benefit of integrated duplicate analysis and approval processes:

  • Avoiding unnecessary part proliferation and variance
  • Reducing useless part proliferation and variance

Measures to achieve integrated duplicate analysis and approval processes:

  • Process planning and implementation concepts
  • Workflow-driven accumulation of data
  • PartExplorer®
  • Partscape®Navigator