Challenge of part management – Calculate: Calculate target prices and reduce costs

Challenge of part management – Calculate: Calculate target prices and reduce costs

Target group:

  • Purchasing
  • Process planning and production scheduling
  • Members of steering board


  • Determine price and cost drivers using NLPP (non-linear performance pricing)
  • Fully automated calculation of target prices and manufacturing costs
  • Identifying parts (components, assemblies, products) that are procured or manufactured too expensively.
  • Guidelines for determining target prices formulas with NLPP (formation of harmonic groups)


Are you sure you pay the correct price for buy parts and assemblies? Or are you just hoping so? Did you ever check the prices of your suppliers? If it seemed to be or was too time-consuming so far, we now show you how easy it can be.

Let your part management system show you which parts you are buying too expensive today. And which would be the fair price. And that’s not enough. When creating new parts, procurement prices as well as manufacturing costs will be determined fully automated, solely using your existing data.

Sounds like a dream? It’s definitely not. Just use your existing data in a consequent and clever way. Learn how to integrate NLPP into your PartExplorer or PartscapeNavigator and get a fully automated display of overpriced procured or manufactured parts. This opens up an additional important field of part and variant management without additional effort. Set the stage for your successful cost management project. This way you can negotiate with your suppliers and even set the prices.


Next webinar date:

Thursday, September 19, 2024, 02:00 pm – 03:00 pm CEST (Webinar English)


  • …how easy it is to implement NLPP into your existing CADBAS software.
  • …how to use NLPP optimally in combination with PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator.
  • …how you can group the data according to different criteria, such as supplier, material, sourcing, region.
  • …how you can use NLPP to determine the best target price formula by applying a total of six different mathematical methods.
  • …how the prices (benchmark, best and worst prices) in PartExplorer are stored in the part master data.
  • …what you need to consider when forming harmonic groups so that the target prices formula is calculated in an optimal way.

Further topics covered by the webinar:

  • Presentation of best practices from completed part management projects.
  • Technical and content requirements.
  • Final discussion / Q&A, e.g. „What are the most suitable measures for my company and how can I estimate required time, capacities and budget?“