Challenge of part management – Cleanse 1: Geometric classification

Challenge of part management – Cleanse 1: Geometric classification

Target group:

  • Standards department
  • Purchasing
  • Work preparation and production scheduling
  • Engineering and development


  • Geometric hotspot analysis
  • Geometric classification structure
  • Geometric teach-in
  • Geometric attributes
  • Analyze duplicates
  • Contract award and set-up packages


Imagine if you could classify your entire partscape with hundreds of thousands of parts, cleanse their data and form commodity groups, e.g. for automatic target prices analyses, in just 2 weeks. This dream has now come true through hotspot analysis with AI (artificial intelligence).

Hotspots are the areas of the partscape where there is a large variety of parts and variants. Hotspots are determined fully automated from your entire partscape and displayed to you sorted by size. Now you can relax and work on hotspot after hotspot and no longer have to search for a needle in a haystack. Classify one part in a hotspot and all other similar parts will follow automatically. In this way, you learn your parts management system intuitively, step by step. This is innovative parts management.

Based on this, the determination of price and cost drivers is just a snap, so that you can calculate targeted target prices or manufacturing costs and conduct supplier negotiations. In this way, you can reduce and control your proliferation of parts and variants immediately and without time-consuming preliminary work.

Learn how to identify the hotspots – i.e. the groups of similar parts – of your partscape among hundreds of thousands of parts fully automatically. In this way, you reduce and control the diversity of parts and variants and leverage the following potential benefits, among others:

  • Reducing purchase prices and/or manfuacturing costs
  • Accelerating/Automating procurement processes
  • Improving the quality of commodity gorups and contract award packages


Next webinar date:

Thursday, June 6, 2024, 02:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. CEST (Webinar English)


  • …where to find the agglomerations of similar parts in your partscape.
  • …how you can structure the parts found in an optimal way.
  • …how to teach PartExplorer so that it automatically classifies geometrically similar parts independently according to your specifications.
  • …which attributes are automatically available to searchers.
  • …how you are led directly to the duplicates without searching.

Further topics covered by the webinar:

  • Take the myth “Data cleansing is a matter of minutes with Excel” ad absurdum.
  • Presentation of best practices from completed part management projects.
  • Technical and content requirements.
  • Final discussion / Q&A, e.g. „What are the most suitable measures for my company and how can I estimate required time, capacities and budget?“