Customer-supplier-integration in part management means the needs based exchange of structured product information between you, your customers and your suppliers, as contained in engineering catalogs or your classification, for example. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of cross-company data exchange:

  • Automatic transfer of product information from your suppliers into your classification.
  • Provision of your engineering catalogs or classification for your construction service providers.
  • Provision of product information for your customers regarding the products and spare parts used by your customers.
  • Automatic transfer of product information, like e.g. construction specifications of your customers.

Depending on the focus, the measures open up a wide range of potential benefits, including increased reuse, lower manufacturing costs, efficient data processing, increased efficiency in spare parts procurement and spare parts handling, increased sales, etc.

Benefit of customer-supplier-integration:

  • Gaining time
  • Avoiding unnecessary part proliferation and variance
  • Reducing useless part proliferation and variance
  • Reducing purchase prices and manufacturing costs

Measures to achieve customer-supplier-integration:

  • PartExplorer