Workflow-driven accumulation of data

Workflow-driven accumulation of data

Despite all automatisms several persons are involved in the process for data cleansing, creating and classifying parts, approving parts, standardizing and consolidating parts, etc. as different knowledge about parts, product features and suppliers is required at different points in time. In line with your corporate culture and organization, we develop and implement work processes for you on the basis of best practices, which allow you to delegate the tasks to the respective experts or to have general work carried out by universal staff..

With the workflow engine of PartExplorer these workflows can be controlled reliably and traceable. The complete knowledge of who has to be informed or is responsible for which parts and for which process steps is thus stored in a useful way for everyone. In this way, the executing persons, monitoring bodies and task initiators are automatically informed and reminded or work results are reported back. This way, the accumulation and maintenance of data as well as other processes for part management are not forgotten or procrastinated, but are handled promptly.  That guarantees that you achieve your process targets.

Benefit of workflow-driven accumulation of data:

  • Reliable control of processes and claim of work results
  • Understand work progress
  • Delegate tasks automatically
  • No longer forget anything important

Measures to achieve workflow-driven accumulation of data:

  • Process planning and implementation concepts
  • Integrated creation and classification processes
  • Integrated duplicate analysis and approval processes
  • PartExplorer