Customer recommendation Homag

Customer recommendation Homag

“We introduced PartExplorer® in 2001 and were able to reduce the number of new parts by 10% within a very short time. Today, PartExplorer® and Partscape®Navigator are used as strategic and global applications for part search and classification as front-end for SAP, ENOVIA VPLM and CATIA worldwide.

Over 5,000 HOMAG Group employees in the fields of product development, sales, service, warehousing, etc. thus have access to around 1.5 million material masters. The PartExplorer® web module is used by our sales and service companies worldwide for drawing and standard sheet display.

Within the scope of the SAP/ERP implementation our master data cleansing with PartExplorer® 3.5 was performed in 2012. With approximately 500 rules, the effort for the migration of 250,000 data records was reduced from estimated five man-years to approximately 0.5 man-years, while minimizing sources of error. The created rules are also applied for another 300.000 service parts. With the master data cleansing, the global attributes were automatically filled via evaluation of the generic name.

Since March 2013, all part masters are created by PartExplorer® taking into consideration the company-specific number ranges using the integrated number generation logic. The classification of new parts is integrated in the creation process and is done automatically.  PartExplorer® distributes the data to SAP and other systems. PartExplorer® remains leading for master data maintenance and classification.

Also in all other projects we were intensively supported by CADBAS. Whenever we needed them, they were always on the spot with an ingenious solution. The service packages, which we purchase instead of software maintenance, form the long-term basis for specific functional further developments.”

Bernd Wörner
Head of Organization Research and Development
Homag AG