Classification and product structure consulting

Classification and product structure consulting

Classification is still the indispensable supreme discipline for part management. In a classification you divide your parts (components, assemblies, products) as well as solutions and knowhow into “classes” and describe them systematically using class-specific attributes (product features, attributes, parameters), e.g. diameter, pressure, torque or power.

Only a classification enables unerring search and duplicate analysis on the basis of meta data and the use of product configurators. Voraussetzung: Die Datenqualität stimmt (see data cleansing and integrated creation and classification processes).

However, the classification structure and the list of attributes should be aligned to your partscape and the information required in your processes.  This is the only way to find your way around and most notably the information you need. We are happy to contribute our many years of consulting experience and develop an optimal, not blindly adopted, classification structure for your partscape, based on your existing solution as well as standard and industry solutions, such as ecl@ss, BMECAT, DIN 4000, DIN 4002, UNSPSC, IEC 61360, etc.

Of course we map your classes and attributes to eCl@ss. This way, eCl@ss data that you receive are automatically included in your classification. Conversely you can automatically provide eCl@ss data from your classification.

The product structure consulting even tops it. You will benefit from our sophisticated methodology for breaking down your products into generic product structure elements and making them configurable by constraints.

Benefit of classification and product structure consulting:

  • Avoiding unnecessary part proliferation and variance
  • Reducint useless part proliferation and variance
  • Mastering part proliferation and variance
  • Gain time by reducing search times
  • Targeted standardization and consolidation

Measures to achieve classification and product structure consulting

  • Classification workshops