Regular webinars

Regular webinars

Be informed about the latest methods, tools and technologies in our regular webinars “Challenge of part management – focus: comprehend, re-use, structure, cleanse, calculate and sustain”. Participation in our webinars is free of charge and only requires a PC with internet access and a telephone.

Webinar: “Comprehend: Part Management Strategy”

Learn how to develop a step-by-step strategy for your part and complexity management within just two weeks tailored to your company needs. This strategy guarantees that you reach your company goals.

Webinar: “Re-use: Search and find”

Experience the latest and most efficient search methods for different requirement profiles in practical use, which will provide you with speed in searching and fun in finding.

Webinar: “Structuring: Best Practices for optimal classification structures”

Learn in this webinar how to create optimal conditions for classifying your parts with suitable classification structures. In an automated way.

Webinar: “Cleanse 1: Geometric classification”

Learn how to identify the hotspots – i.e. the groups of similar parts – of your partscape among hundreds of thousands of parts fully automatically.

Webinar: “Cleanse 2: Semantic/Functional classification”

See how easy it is to create rules for filling in class-specific attributes and to cleanse material short texts.

Webinar: “Calculate: Calculate prices automatically and reduce costs”

Learn how to integrate NLPP into your PartExplorer or PartscapeNavigator and get a fully automated display of overpriced procured or manufactured parts.

Webinar: “Sustain: Best Practices for part´s creation”

Integrate classification directly into the creation process: You will recognize duplicates and similar parts directly during part creation while filling in the attributes – long before release.