Challenge of part management – Structuring: Best practices for optimal classification structures and list of attributes

Challenge of part management – Structuring: Best practices for optimal classification structures and list of attributes

Target groups:

  • Members of steering board
  • Members of process team (engineering and development, purchasing, work and process planning, manufacturing, service and sales)
  • Standards department


  • What is actually classifying and what is the benefitist?
  • The most common mistakes when defining a classification structure
  • Contexts (focus) of classification structures
  • What is the best way to proceed when defining a classification structure? Are there templates?
  • Which tools can help me?
  • Examples of geometric and functional/semantic classification structures from practice


You are faced with the task of classifying hundreds of thousands of parts? And you do not know how to approach this task and when to bring it to a good end? Your success depends on the following two factors:
1. The definition of a suitable classification structure and thus the classification of classes and attributes;
2. Automatisms, that support you in assigning your parts to classes and define attribute values.

Experience in the CADBAS webinars how you can successfully master the Herculean task of “classifying task”. To provide you with the maximum benefit, we have divided this extensive topic into several webinars with different focuses.

Learn in this webinar how to create optimal conditions for classifying your parts with suitable classification structures. In an automated way. After all, it takes too long and is too time-consuming to do it manually. And yes, you read correctly: “classification structures” in the plural. Why and what it´s all about, we explain in the webinar. In further webinars we will show you how to classify parts, cleanse data and improve data quality.

Next webinar date:

Thursday, April 25, 2024, 02:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. CEST (Webinar English)


  • …what best practices and benefits lie behind “optimal classification structures and lists of attributes”.
  • …how you can define suitable and optimal classification structures.
  • …how you lay the foundations to automate the classification process.
  • …why it is important to structure first and cleanse afterwards.
  • …how the tools PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator can help you to define optimal classification structures.

Further topics covered by the webinar:

  • Take the myth: “Classification is an optional feature. We will do it one day when we have time to spare” ad absurdum.
  • Presentation of best practices from completed part management projects.
  • Final discussion / Q&A, e.g. „What are the most suitable measures for my company and how can I estimate required time, capacities and budget?“