The Partscape®Navigator is a novel search tool to find parts and components very quickly by means of shape-based and semantic search algorithms.

For best search results CADBAS developed an algorithm based on newest researches and the knowhow of 10 years of 3D seachring.

The Partscape®Navigator visualizes your search results on a part map that makes re-location of parts and components very efficiently.

The Partscape®Navigator is a(n):

  • intuitive search machine
  • application for part maps

Advantages of the Partscape®Navigator:

  • Search of similar parts based on geometry with/without a CAD system
  • Search of parts based on additional search criteria (e.g. master data, attributes)
  • Visualization of search matches on the part maps
  • Geometric search from CAD system directly
  • Difference viewer (to show differences)
  • fully-automated analysis of duplicates
  • fully-automated analysis of similarities (cluster analysis)
  • faster and more precise calculations by sales staff
  • Recognition of inner or embedded hallow spaces.
  • Price comparison of similar components
  • Find alternative spare parts without knowledge of part-relations

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