reducesearchtime h40

Reduce search time by finding your way through your spectrum of parts. With the right search methods and intuitive tools you will rediscover the enjoyment of search.

Anticipate 20 minutes of less search time per day and user than before. With useful search results, you can counteract part proliferation.

THE perfect search method does not exist. You decide on the fitting search method that is appropriate for the specific use case:

A classification arranges your part spectrum in a hierarchical structure and fills them with object attributes, e.g diameter, pressure, torque or power. A classification is highly suited for the search of objects with functional, non-geometric parameters. This refers to the purchased parts especially.

By means of part maps and 3D model comparison (3D search), you can easily find parts with the help of geometric similarities and general meta-data e.g. master data, material master. If no classification exists, that is a very reliable method to find parts quickly. It is one of the best search methods for parts and components and primarily drawing parts that were traditionally difficult to classify due to their high number of part variations and object attributes.

Advantages of reduction of search time:

  • saving of work time of 20 minutes per day and employee
  • avoidance of needless re-invention of parts
  • higher efficiency of design department

How to reduce search time:

  • Classification
  • Part maps
  • 3D model comparison
  • PartExplorer®
  • Partscape®Navigator (former ClusterCrawler)

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