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Among our customers are many market leading companies who benefit from our project experience of many years and our pioneering spirit.

Those companies come to appreciate the personalized full-service package and the long-term project support.

Here you can find a selection of project-examples described in the words of our customers.

Customer recommendation: Ferag AG, Schwitzerland

textbild_ref_ferag_70Mr Roland Graedel
Project manager of part management
CH-8340 Hinwil, Switzerland

"In November 2011, we entrusted with CADBAS to create a part management system based on classification, 3D search and part maps. The goal was to create a search environment for all users so that parts could be found easily and be re-used.

After just 9 months, the part management system was put into productive use. Our users are extremely satisfied with the high-performance 3D search, irrespective of the denomination of the part."

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Customer recommendation: Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG

textbild_ref_homag_70Bernd Woerner
Head of Research and Design
Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG
D-72296 Schopfloch

"In 2001 we introduced the PartExplorer® to our company. Within an extremely short time the number of new parts was reduced by 10 %. Today we use the PartExplorer® and the Partscape®Navigator as our main strategic and global application across all company locations. It is our frondend application to SAP, ENOVIA VPLM und CATIA and is used for part search and classifications.

Over 5.000 employees of the HOMAG Group from all the departments e.g. product design, sales, service, warehouse… have now access to 1.5 million material master files. The PartExplorer® Webmodul is used worldwide by our trading companies and service providers to view drawings and standard specification sheets."

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Customer recommendation: KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

textbild_ref_kraussmaffei_70Mr Johannes Ziermann
Head of Standardization Management
Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH
D-80997 Munich

„ I would highly recommend to every company thinking about introduction of a part information system to turn to CADBAS and to develop a concept right from the start with them.

PartExplorer® and Partscape®Navigator can be used across the group by all employees who need part information. The solution is embedded in our environments of SAP, Pro/Intralink and Pro/Engineer."

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Customer recommendation: Pierburg GmbH

textbild_ref_pierburg_70Mr Hartmut Steins
Head of CA-Technologies
Pierburg GmbH
D-41460 Neuss

"iMechX is the strategic tool of choice to search for re-usable and standard parts at Pierburg GmbH. Not only can be searched efficiently but also CATIA V5 assemblies can be used in other components.

We see the main benefit by avoiding duplication of work and reduce part proliferation.

Thanks to CADBAS’s unusual price-model we can use the system across the group."

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Customer recommendation: Weh GmbH Verbindungstechnik

textbild_ref_weh_70Mr Michael Döring
Weh GmbH Verbindungstechnik
D-89257 Illertissen

"In addition to classification, the PartExplorer manages all data for the sales catalog and nearly all centrally-managed documents (from training material to inspection instructions).

This shows that management of part variety and data quality is realizable not only for large but also for small companies. It all depends on the concept and on the right partner."

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