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It is important that you reach your goals - in the shortest and most reasonable way. With management of part diversity and complexity, one single tool is not enough to do the job. In this field, an efficient solution cannot be reached with one single tool.

Based on the motto „First the concept, then the tool“, we will hold a workshop that is tailored to your needs, so you can learn about the best possible solution to your situation.

You will come to terms with your company-specific culture, organizational structure, processes, goals and data models of the entire company.

The newly-acquired insights from the structured company analysis can be transferred to a customized solution concept that will allow acceptance of each of your individual solutions.

You can benefit from long-standing project experience and the scientific findings of the professorial dissertation of our shareholder Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lewandowski-Kaufmann (title of dissertation: „Method for designing work and production processes in industrial companies“).

Advantages of process concept and workshops:

  • adjustment of the solution to your company, not the other way around.
  • We share our know how.
  • selection of optimal methods and tools.
  • a detailed calculation to implement the measurements.
  • keeping to the budget and the time frame.
  • accomplishment of project goals.
  • Maximum benefit.
  • Participation of all parties involved, thus utmost acceptance of the solution.
  • Consistency of the solution.
  • Ensure feasibility

Conception workshops are realized with:

  • Process maps
  • Presentation methods
  • Strength-weakness-analysis and cause-effect-analysis

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