Part management strategy

Based on our conviction and experiences, our part management strategy "First the strategy - then the tool" is the foundation for efficient product implementation. Your part management strategy will be based on the scientific findings of our managing director Andreas Lewandowski-Kaufmann (Dr.-Ing) in his dissertation titled "Method for designing management processes for work and production in industrial companies."

At first, we will try to find your specific causes of part proliferation. Afterwards, we will quantify cost-benefit-potentials from the effects of your part proliferation. Based on your individual company culture, goals and data models, we will put together your customized package of measures with your part management strategy. Next, your part management strategy is transfered in a concrete plan for your organizational processes and afterwards our software tools are implemented and configured.

With our part management strategy, you will always be able to keep an eye on the total optimum for your company. The most important results of a successful part management strategy are: measurable goals, a reliable and realistic project plan, optimum resource management, maximum support of management and employees

COG Kasten1a          
  • intensive Auseinandersetzung mit Ihren unternehmensspezifischen Bedürfnissen und Zielen
  • messbare Ziele, optimaler Ressourceneinsatz und eine verlässliche Projektplanung
  • größtmögliche Unterstützung bei Management und Mitarbeitern
  • Konzeptionen und Teilevielfalt-Strategie Workshops