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Weh GmbH Verbindungstechnik

"In addition to classification, the PartExplorer manages all data for the sales catalog and nearly all centrally-managed documents (from training material to inspection instructions).

This shows that management of part variety and data quality is realizable not only for large but also for small companies. It depends on the concept and on the partner.

In 2006, the PartExplorer was introduced to classify about 8000 part master data. It was a preventative measure before our part proliferation got completely out of hand. Since then, our master data are synchronized continuously with Navision.

Furthermore, a long part-description is created automatically from classification attributes and is then transferred into the ERP system. The list of parts-used can be attained from the classification system directly. CAD models can be loaded into the Inventor directly.

The connection with all the different systems was done largely by Weh. In the meantime, most of our employees have a license of the PartExplorer what would be impossible without the flexible price model called SuSi."

Mr Michael Doering
Weh GmbH Verbindungstechnik
D-89257 Illertissen