Especially for CATIA-V5 users, the mechanics application was developed. Therefore please support the initiative "CATIA for Industrial Equipment Initiative" by Dassault Systèmes.

You can receive a solution package with iMechX that guarantees a perfect integration of the PartExplorer® into the CATIA environment.

Polish your system of standard repeat parts and end up with a highly efficient part design and product design.

Our certified iMechX partners can help you with installation, training, formulation of efficient methods for designing and integration into the Skeleton/Adapter method.

What is iMechX:

  • Interface between CATIA V5 and PartExplorer® with all its modules and functions

What iMechX can do:

  • Automatic creation of geometries of standard parts and purchased parts
  • Increase in efficiency of the design department
  • Automatic selection of matching parts
  • Automatic positioning and alignment
  • Automatic replacement of parts after change of design of surrounding parts
  • Import and administration of parametrical models, design table included
  • Rapid integration of PLM/PDM

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