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By means of part maps you can reduce part proliferation and complexity costs without classification and other preliminary work. At the same time, you can maximize the re-use of parts.

Take a closer look! Part maps revolutionize the process of search and find. Allow yourself to be guided through a “landscape“ of your parts and components with the help of a GPS system. Experience all the advantages of multi-dimensional part maps in the Partscape®Navigator and compare it to the traditional boring one-dimensional lists of search results.

You will find right away what you are searching for and can keep searching among the best search results. Even hidden parts and components come back to the surface. The search is as intuitive as searching with your own eyes. It is way faster that re-design of the parts.

Get a quick overview on your part world. Even find duplicates and groups of similar parts.

Part maps can be a perfect entry into part management. Experience a quick implementation and quick achievements of your project goals.

The piling function on the part maps gives you a first idea on a classification structure and further project steps.

Advantages of part maps:

  • Maximizing value and minimizing the cost
  • Avoidance of unnecessary parts right from the start
  • customized harmonization and consolidation
  • template for a classification structure

Part maps can be created with:

  • Partscape®Navigator


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