Sit back, relax and let us tailor your solution to your needs. You analyze the operational sequences, functions, system interfaces and flow of information with a process map for your management of part proliferation and complexity.

You can get an overview of the entire solution right from the word go. It requires that you communicate with everyone involved in the project throughout the project implementation. Later you can use the process map for training purposes.

You can specify on the process map how the new solution is optimally embedded in your organization structure. Make competencies visible in the operational process. Illustrate the sequence and combinatorics of some processes, tasks and functions.

Show the interfaces between systems and personnel. Illustrate the work flow and flow of communication.

Advantages of the process map:

  • It ensures predictability during implementation and launch
  • Straight-forward project-realization
  • Avoidance of project repetition by trial and error
  • Optimum communication between all participating project members
  • Lower total project cost

How to compile a process map:

  • With conceptual design and workshops (Your path to success)

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