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Increase re-use of parts, components, solutions, know-how and information. You will avoid needless re-inventions of similar parts or duplicates. In an instant you will have more time for real inventions. You can create the foundation for an advantage in competition and for economic success.

Re-use and avoidance cultivate the processes with the focus on the future. Consequently, it avoids future explosion of part proliferation and secures sustainable benefit. At the same time, your part spectrum will stay tidy and clean (please see: reduce part proliferation).

Ensure that your strategies to avoid part proliferation are successful. The time for the search for a part should be lower than the time for new inventions. If you make sure that the following items are met, you will surely be successful:

Quick and reliable search results animate the acceptance of the search functions among the designers. An effective use of the search tool will result in fewer re-inventions. This way, the development of senseless part proliferation can be counteracted successfully.

Advantages of re-use:

  • fewer needless re-inventions
  • space for development and creativity
  • more time for real inventions
  • competitive advantage
  • Load removal in many departments such as procurement, material handling, work scheduling, production and service

You can reach increased re-use with the help of:

  • PartExplorer®
  • Partscape®Navigator (former ClusterCrawler)
  • Automatic classification
  • Part maps
  • 3D model comparison

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