reducepartproliferation h40

Effective part management comes with two main focuses that are balanced differently depending on the objective target:

  • Reduce the existing part proliferation of your parts, components and solutions by consolidation and standardization
  • Avoid unnecessary new inventions of already-existing duplicates or similar parts, components and solutions by increase of part re-use.

Through reduction of part variety, you can lower the complexity and the work load in procurement, materials handling, production scheduling, production and sales. It results in fewer procurement transactions, lower machine set-up time, increased lot sizes of products and more time for everybody.

If you want to reduce the part proliferation, you have to start with clearance first! The fully-automated analysis of duplicates and similar parts (e.g. with part-maps) can help you to get done quickly.

This way, your part chaos can be handled in the long-run. Immediately you can recognize duplicates for consolidation and groups of similar parts for standardization (synthesize to have one repeat part).

Advantages of reduction of part variety:

  • Better clarity
  • lower efforts in procurement, materials handling, production scheduling, production and sales
  • increase number of items
  • higher margins, reduced production costs

How to reduce part proliferation:

  • Automatic analysis of duplicates and similarity
  • Part maps

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