masterdatacleansing h40

The quality of data is like a road where goods are transported. If the road is bumpy you will move ahead quite slowly. Or you decide to take the flat and smooth road in the first place.

Start off with refurbishment of parts of your system and smooth out the potholes in the road called part spectrum and finally you will be able to pick up speed on your data autobahn quickly. High data quality allows for quick and reliable search results for parts, components, solutions and knowledge.

Standardize and clean your master data through denomination catalogs and rules of syntax. It can be done with clever automatisms that are based on methods and tools provided by CADBAS.

Lay the foundation for acceptance and thus for search efforts. Create enjoyment for part search.

Advantages of master data cleansing

  • Reduction of search time
  • Avoidance of already-existing re-inventions
  • Acceptance

How to clean your master data:

  • Project conception and workshops
  • Automatic classification
  • PartExplorer®

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