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Starting today, the famous proverb “Seek and you shall find“ should be changed to “Find more, search less“. Set the stage for acceptance so that a solution will be used in the long-term.

The key to success is acceptance. Therefore, during your project planning stage and the development of tools for you, we will concentrate on acceptance of the agreed solution.

You can animate acceptance right from the start. During the project phase, the users and the management should take an active part in the solution concept. Later during utilization phase, you can improve the acceptance by high data quality, intuitive tools and automatism.

With acceptance you have an important basis to avoid part proliferation, increase re-use of parts and decrease search time.

Acceptance among users leads to:

  • a search process before re-invention
  • increase of part re-use
  • fewer re-inventions
  • cross-departmental reduction of expenses

How to attain acceptance:

  • project plans and workshops
  • process maps
  • part maps
  • PartExplorer®
  • Partscape®Navigator (former ClusterCrawler)

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