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Classification is an extremely powerful tool to structure your parts, components, solution and know-how and to relocate them by means of object attributes (parameters, characteristics).

You will succeed building up a classification system and live it. Since we have experience in this field of many years and knowledge of the right methods and tools required.

You define the classification structure and the list of object attributes and match them with your spectrum of components and the information needed in your processes. Our part maps will be of great assistance. The classification structure can be read off the part maps directly. This way you can ensure that the structure is in line with your needs.

To match classifications with your organization and company culture, you may fill and administer the classifications yourself. You can support the process with automatisms to ensure high data quality.

Use intuitive tools for the search procedure to ensure that your classifications are later employed by the user.

Advantages of classification:

  • Maximum re-use of parts, components, solutions and knowledge
  • Reduce the search time by 20 minutes minimum per day and per user

How to establish a classification system:

  • Conceptual design and workshops
  • Automatic classification
  • Part maps
  • PartExplorer®

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