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Make short work of endless “search”. Simply use the 3D geometry of a part, component or a CAD model sketch and start searching directly.

By means of the data of your 3D model alone, you are now able to find parts and components that differ in their geometry and their function based on that geometry. Thus, you can optimize the efficiency of your search processes.

You can combine 3D model comparison with any attribute, e.g. part name or material.

With 3D model comparison, you can speed up the work in every department that handles parts and components:

  • The design department can detect similar parts or same parts for part modelling.
  • The purchasing department can compare prices and select suppliers.
  • The sales department and the after-sales-department can find variations, alternative parts and spare parts.
  • And the process planning department can find task schedules based on similar parts produced before.

3D model comparison helps you with:

  • Detection of similar already-existing parts in the design phase already.
  • Reduction of search time
  • Increase of re-use of parts
  • Up to 40% less classification effort

3D model comparison can be done with:

  • Partscape®Navigator

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