Get a solution that is among the best of class. It comes with less complexity to classify than you might expect. Thanks to automatism!

Sit back and enjoy an automated classification process of your entire part spectrum. Parts are allocated automatically to the right classes. Lean back while the object attributes are created automatically.

The PartExplorer® comes with a system of rules and a classification structure that are ready to use. All you need are your existing master data to start from. Your results can be displayed in a fancy-looking part map. Now, parts can be allocated to their classes based on shape-based criteria.

Advantages of automatic classification:

  • Higher data quality but no additional effort.
  • Shorter search time.
  • Re-use of parts can be increased.
  • Free-up capacities.
  • High acceptance during classification and search.

How to classify automatically:

  • PartExplorer®
  • Part maps

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