Reduce search times

How do you know if your company has potential to decrease its search times?

Facts you already know: Finding parts quickly is the major problem to solve during product development and product configuration. But your part spectrum looks more like a huge pile than a clearly-arranged tool box. Since the data quality is poor, part search does not lead to the desired results. In addition, intuitive search tools are missing. You do not know how and where to start your part search. You do not find your way around in your part world.

Have fun searching. Make search a joyful experience. You can anticipate up to 20 minutes of saved search time per day and per user. Work can be done more efficiently in most departments.

  • Design Department: Find and re-use suitable parts (components, assemblies and products)
  • Procurement: Find suitable suppliers faster and compare prices of similar components in a well-directed manner.
  • After-sales-service: Find suitable variants, alternatives, succeeding parts and spare parts.
  • Sales: Find parts (components, assemblies and products) that meet customer requirements.
  • Process planning: Find task schedules, etc. based on similar parts.
  • ...and more.


The one and only search method does not exist. Use the best search method for your specific case.

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Advantages of reduction of search time:     How to reduce search time:  
  • saving of work time of 20 minutes per day and employee
  • avoidance of needless re-invention of parts
  • higher efficiency in all company department
  • PartExplorer® / classification
  • Partscape®Navigator / part maps / Administration of 3D models