Increase re-use of parts

How do you know if your company has potential to increase its part re-use?

Facts you already know: Re-using a part is cheaper than creating a new part. Still, part creation is done more quickly and easily, because you are not finding your way around in your part world. There is a lack of intuitive tools and the data quality is extremely poor to allow efficient part search. There is no motivation to avoid parts. No part creation and approval process is in place.

By part re-use, you can lower the work load in design dept, purchasing, material handling, and process planning. It means that those departments are no longer busy designing and handling needless new parts. This way, you can secure cost advantages in the long term and will have more time for the actual market-relevant innovations immediately. This way, you will gain advantages over competitors through higher customer value and economic success. After all, 70% of the entire product costs are determined by the development dept. and the design department.

Prevent future explosions of part proliferations. Establish re-use of similar parts or duplicate parts (parts, components, products), solutions, know-how and data of new developments. Therefore, you will need to achieve transparency first. But it will not be enough. You will also need intuitive search tools that meet the requirements of the users searching for parts. Furthermore, processes for part creation and part approval have to be organized in a way that similar parts or duplicates are identified and approved, if necessary. Those processes should preferably be based on a well-thought part management strategy.

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Advantages of re-use:     Increased part re-use can be achieved with:  
  • Avoidance of useless re-inventions
  • More time to work creatively
  • Time for new innovations
  • Lower amount of work in purchasing, material handling, production and service.
  • Advantages over competitors
  • Higher customer value
  • PartExplorer® / Automatic classification
  • Partscape®Navigator / part maps