Frequent webinars

Lassen Sie sich in unseren regelmäßig stattfindenden Webinarreihe "My Teilevielfaltmanagement - Verstehen, Wiederverwenden, Bereinigen, Erhalten" über neueste Methoden, Werkzeuge und Technologien informieren. Die Teilnahme an unseren Webinaren ist kostenlos und erfordert lediglich einen internetfähigen PC und ein Telefon.

ci16 termine 1 Webinar: 'Comprehend: Part Management Strategy'    more  
You will learn in this seminar, how to develop a step-by-step-strategy for your part and complexity management within just two weeks which will help you to reach your company goals guaranteed.    
ci16 termine 2 Webinar: 'Re-use: Search and find'    more  
Experience the latest and most-efficient search methods adapted to different requirements in practice and they will give a new joyful feeling of search and find.  
ci16 termine 3 Webinar: 'Cleanse: Methods of data cleansing'    more  
With this webinar gain insights in many facets of data cleansing - the most efficient method to improve your data quality.  
ci16 termine 4 Webinar: 'Sustain: Best-practices for part creation'    more  
A classification is the most efficient instrument to structure part, components, solutions and knowledge and to make them retrievable by means of attributes quickly.