PartscapeConvention 2020

On 5th and 6th of October 2016, we will host our "PartscapeConvention" for the second time. CADBAS will host a convention on part management; and it will be larger and will contain more topics than the last time. Still, it will remain true to its principles: "Share. Ask. Discuss."

Use this forum to get profound insights in projects and background information from our project managers first-hand. Learn about current options for part managements and get to know current research trends!

The PartscapeConvention lives our spirit of community and promotes exchange between participants and presenters. Forget about seemingly-endless and monotonous presentations and start a direct dialog immediately.

  • High-class presenters from our "PartscapeCommunity" will present real life examples of part man-agement in their companies to share their experiences.
  • In "Knowledge Cafés" you will have the unique opportunity to discuss new trends in part management with any protagonist in order to come up with new idea and to work out approaches together.
  • Furthermore, in "Meet the Experts", you can meet part management specialists from CADBAS who can give you ideas on how to solve your company's part management problem.

Feel free to become a member of the "PartscapeCommunity". Get inspired by our "Partscape Community" and join a network of know-how that is simply priceless. Afterwards you are ready for take-off with your own project. You will be successful. Guaranteed!

It is not important, if you are a clerical assistant or a decision maker: If you feel in charge of part management in your company, you should not miss out on the PartscapeConvention 2016.

The number of participants is limited to 80 persons in order to allow individual exchange of experience.

The following topics are planned:

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zahnrad gluehbirne110 Partmanagement strategies  
Learn how to draft a customized part management strategy for your company and how to determine project steps based on your cost-benefit-analysis.  
zahnrad prozesse Part management processes  
Learn about best-practices in design of workflows, processes and organizational principles for parts creation, classification and approval. In addition, meet protagonists who give you insights in their company's processes.  
zahnrad werkzeuge Tools  
Learn about the advantages of the applications PartExplorer and PartscapeNavigator that are used by many leading global companies; and see how the applications can help you to work more efficiently and be more successfully.  
zahnrad sterne Data Cleansing  
Classification, standardization of parts, preferred parts, consolidation of suppliers, improvement of data quality and data migration: These are a few examples of the many buzzwords that will be discussed and exemplified based on use cases and with emphasis on costs and benefits.  
zahnrad info Convention opening  
This year, we will offer a topic introduction session for all new participants new to the field of part management. You will be equipped with essential basic knowledge on potential benefits, methods and tools. Afterwards you will be able to join the other in-depth discussions.