Customer Recommendation Krauss Maffei

"By summer of 2008, KraussMaffei had about 900.000 part master data in SAP and every month about 4000 data were added. For the classifications of the re-usable parts alone, we calculated 3.5 man-years. Together with CADBAS, we developed a concept and modeled our processes for our management of part proliferation.

During implementation we used the following mixture of methods: denomination catalogs, analysis of 3D clusters and duplicates, standardized object attributes according to DIN 4002, integrated libraries of standard and catalog parts and many more. Furthermore, we had a comprehensive set of rules that allocated parts to their classes and evaluated object attributes in the PartExplorer® automatically.

I would highly recommend every company thinking about introduction of a part information system to turn to CADBAS and to develop a concept right from the start with them.

PartExplorer® and Partscape®Navigator can be used across the group by all employees who need part information. The solution is embedded in our environments of SAP, Pro/Intralink and Pro/Engineer.

Now it is possible to find similar 3D models, to compare them and to actually visualize the differences with Partscape®Navigator. Recovered design parts can be re-used directly in PRO-E by point-and-click.

The part master data is constantly synchronized between SAP and the PartExplorer©. The solution is highly accepted among our users and is being enlarged constantly."

Mr Johannes Ziermann
Head of Standardization Management
Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH
D-80997 Munich