Customer Recommendation Homag

"In 2001 we introduced the PartExplorer® to our company. Within an extremely short time the number of new parts was reduced by 10 %. Today we use the PartExplorer® and the Partscape®Navigator as our main strategic and global application across all company locations. It is our frondend application to SAP, ENOVIA VPLM und CATIA and is used for part search and classifications.

Over 5.000 employees of the HOMAG Group from all the departments e.g. product design, sales, service, warehouse… have now access to 1.5 million material master files. The PartExplorer® Webmodul is used worldwide by our trading companies and service providers to view drawings and standard specification sheets.

Within the framework of introduction of SAP/ERP in 2012, our mater data were cleansed with the PartExplorer® 3.5. With just about 500 formation rules, the migration cost for 100,000 data records were just 0.5 man-years compared to 5 man-years as estimated by us beforehand. At the same time, the sources of errors were minimized. We have yet another 300,000 service parts that will run through the created system of rules as well. During the cleansing of the master data, the denominations were revised and the global object attributes were filled automatically.

Since March 2013, all part master data are foremost entered into the PartExplorer® by means of the integrated number generator and in due consideration of the company-specific number groups. The classification of the new parts is integrated in the new entry process and is done automatically. The PartExplorer® distributes the data to SAP and other systems. The PartExplorer® remains the first gate for all parts to be maintained and classified.

During all projects, CADBAS was at our side and supported us strongly. They were always available when we needed them and always had the perfect solution to our problem. We favor the service package that we receive over any standard software maintenance because it is the foundation for specific upgrades or development of functions in the future."

Mr Bernd Woerner
Head of Research and Design
Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG
D-72296 Schopfloch