Customer Recommendation Ferag

"We are designing processing systems for newspapers and magazines. We use different software systems, for instance, since 2002 we work with PLM at 230 work stations and with CATIA at 78 stations.

The use of different software systems led to the situation that commercial parts were executed in different system environments at the same time, thus resulting in different records. To search or load a CAD-geometry, we had to check more than one system and the search of our own products was long-winded due to missing object attributes. In addition, the maintenance of many different systems led to data errors all the time.

In November 2011, we entrusted with CADBAS to create a part management system based on classification, 3D search and part maps. The goal was to create a search environment for all users so that parts could be found easily and be re-used. We expected that the new part management system would minimize the effort for collection of and search for data, and reduce needless duplicates effectively.

After just 9 months, the part management system was put into productive use. Our users are extremely satisfied with the high-performance 3D search, irrespective of the denomination of the part. Since implementation, we are finally able to find our required production parts. The search with PartExplorer® is also very quickly. The effort of classification is minimal due to the automatic readout of the data.

From concept phase over test phase all the way to start of productive operation, CADBAS demonstrated to be a competent and professional partner who helped us avoid costly mistakes by providing valuable advice. The cooperation with the responsible CADBAS employees was very pleasant and the price model SuSi will help to drive this project further."

Mr Roland Graedel
Project manager of part management 
CH-8340 Hinwil, Switzerland